Pricing & Discounts

Pricing & Discounts


There is Base price and discounts. Depends on your yearly invoice amount*, your special discounts will be applied to your base price.

*A special import order does not count as your yearly invoice amount.


Yearly Invoice Amount

Tier 1   Less than $5,000(~$4,999.99)                               – Base Price

Tier 2   More than $5,000 ($5,000.00~$14,999.99)       – Base Price -2% off

Tier 3   More than $15,000 ($15,000.00~$29,999.00)   – Base Price -3% off

Tier 4   More than $30,000 ($30,000~)                             – Base Price -5% off


Your yearly invoice amount will be calculated from Every September 1st to next August 31st.

The new discounts will be applied from the following October 1st.


Additional Discounts


Schedule your own truck or pick up yourself – 2% off

Pay C.O.D. or send payment confirmation** (screenshot of wired confirmation) – 2% off***

**Please notify if you are paying C.O.D. or wire when placing an order. Otherwise, this discount will not be applied. There will be no adjustment.

***For new customers: This only applies from your second order. Your very first order will not be applied. C.O.D. discount does not apply to Special Import orders.


How to request Credit Terms

You can request credit terms after 12 months from your first order. We will evaluate your payment history. Please contact us for more details.